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The World's Finest Dip Powders - SNS NAILS

Is there anything better than having your nails picture-perfect and polished for the longest time to add a little extra something to your look day after day? Sounds like every mani enthusiast’s fantasy, but at SNS Nails we make that dream come true!

FAQ About SNS Dip Powder Nails 2022

It’s not difficult to remove SNS powder at home. All you need is cotton balls, some foil, polish remover (with and without acetone – both will do), and, preferably, a nail file or a buffer. 

  • If you have a nail buffer or a nail file, we suggest you first remove the shiny top coat from your nails. Please be delicate, there is no need to go deeper than just the top coat – you might accidentally damage your natural nail plate.
  • After removing the top coat (or in case you are not equipped with a buffer, nail drill or nail file – this is your first step), you can either soak the cotton balls in the polish remover, put the cotton balls on your nails, lightly press and secure with foil on each finger, or you can put the cotton balls on your nails, secure with foil and soak in a bowl with polish remover. Depending on whether your polish remover has acetone, the soak time will vary – 15-20 minutes for polish remover with acetone, a little longer for a polish remover without.
  • After soaking your nails, try to remove the remaining layers of polish. If it does so when rubbing off gently, remove the products from your nails, if it doesn’t – soak for a longer time.
  • Once you’ve successfully removed the product, remember to sanitize your tools and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • A careful, gentle removal process will ensure you keep your nails in the best condition. If you have any concerns during the process, seek advice from a nail technician.

Almost any kind of manicure technique, polish and powder can affect your nails. But the extent to which it affects your nails depends on how aggressive the product is, whether it was applied properly following all the right instructions, how it is maintained and how it is removed. 

SNS Nails powder is one of the healthiest and most gentle types of nail powder that doesn’t contain damaging ingredients like formaldehyde, colophonium, camphor, xylene and others. Instead, SNS Nails dipping products contain Vitamin A, E, B5, D3 and Calcium to help the natural nail grow stronger and healthier. The application process also doesn’t require the use of UV/LED lamps, which makes it even more beneficial for your nails. 

Moreover, SNS Nails powder creates a layer of protection and acts as a treatment on your nails helping your nails grow long and healthy. As long as SNS Nails powder is applied, maintained and removed properly, it should not cause damage to your nails, but rather help them stay healthy.

How long SNS Nails powder manicure lasts on your nails depends on how it was applied and how it is maintained. If the base coat, dipping powder and top coat were applied and dried properly, the SNS Nails mani can sometimes last for more than four weeks. On average, it lasts for 2-3 weeks, which is plenty of time to enjoy your flawlessly perfect nails!

Although acrylic and dip powder nails appear to be almost identical following application, they are actually different in terms of chemical constituents, how they stick to the nails and how they are applied.

The acrylic powder requires the use of a monomer to bond and form to the nails  – it can be recognised by the strong chemical smell during the application. Dip powder uses a resin-like gel that works like glue to hold the powder on the nails. This difference results in acrylic nails lasting a little longer than the dip because the acrylic powder system contains many more harsh chemicals to cement the powder to the nail bed. Their application makes acrylic nails more bulky and heavy, time-consuming, more costly and less healthy for nails than dip powder. 

Depending on which one is a better fit for you, you can get almost the same visual effect from acrylic and dip powders.

Even though theoretically both acrylic and dip manicures are based on powders that can be used to sculpt your nails, we do not advise using them interchangeably. They are different in terms of ingredients, and specifically, chemical formulas they use to stick to your nails and maintain their shape over the course of several weeks. So, it is always better to use them with their own bases and top coats with the proper application process that is slightly different for acrylic and dip powders as well.

How long dip powder nails last depends on the brand and whether it was applied and maintained properly. . On average, dip powder nails last around 2-3 weeks, but the original SNS brand dip powder nails can last beyond 4 weeks!


  1. How do I use SNS Dip Powder?
  • Do your regular mani prep as usual: shape your nails, cut the cuticles etc.
  • Buff your nails for a better dip powder application.
  • For this step, use the SNS Gel Base – apply it to ¾ of your nail plate and dip your nail into SNS Natural Set Dip Powder.
  • Dust off the excess powder lightly with a nail brush and repeat this step, but this time apply the Gel Base to your entire nail, avoiding the cuticle line, then dip your nail into the SNS Natural Set Dip Powder again.
  • Apply SNS Gelous Base and dip your nail into your selected SNS Gelous Color Dip Powder. Brush off the excess powder.
  • Repeat this step as many times as you need to build the right thickness and colour.
  • Once again apply SNS Gel Base  and then dip your nail into SNS Natural Set Sheer Powder.
  • Apply SNS Sealer Dry to each nail.
  • Buff each nail with a nail buffer until you get a nice, even, smooth surface on each nail. In case your nails need a little reshaping, shape them with a nail file.
  • Once your nails look just the way you want them to, apply a thin layer of SNS Gel Top twice, waiting for 2-5 minutes after applying each layer.
  • Apply cuticle oil for an extra polished look.


Done, you are amazing!