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Nail Tools & Accessories

The Nail Tools Every Kit Needs

Good nails don’t happen by accident, they happen with quality tools. Nail tools are not only useful, they’re necessary to achieve perfect and precise applications. Fill your nail kit with the nail tools and accessories needed to create your next masterpiece.

Essential Nail Tools available online

Look no further for the essential nail tools you need to start or complete your nail kit. Find everything you need from nail files, nail buffers, nail clippers, stainless steel cuticle pusher, cuticle nippers, and more. Nail tools are suitable for all skill levels, from hobbyists to professionals.

SNS Nail Tools

Dip powder nails are a popular manicure option. Although the technique doesn’t call for any special tools; you can definitely benefit from using nail tools to make the application look flawless.

Dust brushes, big and small, are used to dust away excess powder from under and around nails during application. They’re also super handy when tidying your work area afterwards.

Wooden cuticle pusher sticks can be used to push back the cuticles when you prep nails and to clean the cuticle area between dip layers to prevent flooding. They’re versatile and a nifty addition to nail kits.

Tools to Remove Nails At Home

You can definitely remove SNS nails at home – if you have the right tools. That can be said for acrylic nails as well as gel nails. To remove fake nails at home, begin by filing down the top layer. Soak off clips for your fingernail or toenails can then be used in conjunction with some cotton soaked in acetone for an easy removal.

Buy Nail Tools in Bulk

There are nail tools you’ll need for every nail application. These essential nail tools include nail files, buffers or nail blocks, and cuticle pushers. For hygiene reasons, nail salons and nail technicians may choose to use a new nail tool per client. This means you’ll need a large quantity. The great news is that we have these nail tools available to buy in bulk packs! Buying in bulk allows you to save money – that’s money you can spend on other things (like more SNS colours).

Nail Accessories

High quality is the expectation when it comes to SNS nails and we deliver the same standard when it comes to our nail accessories. Get the right nail accessories to boost your workflow so you can focus on making your client’s nail dreams come true.

UV/LED Nail Lamps

There are many nail lamps available on the market today and they come with many features. It can be hard to shop for the right nail lamp unless you know exactly what you’re after.

SNS Nail Accessories

The key to a great nail application is all in the preparation. Not only is it good to take extra care when prepping nails but taking care in preparing your working area is equally important. Use our glass bottle tray holder to help you keep your liquid products organised while they’re in use to avoid using the wrong one. Or try out our French Dip moulding jar that allows you to effortlessly create the cleanest smile lines with dip powder.

Buy Nail Accessories Online

Who doesn’t love the convenience of being able to shop for and buy nail accessories online? Get what you need delivered right to your door with free shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $150.