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Dip Powder Nails

SNS Dip Powder Nails

The Original brand of dipping powder designed to improve nail health with every application. Wear SNS dip powders for how they look and love them for how they make you feel.

How SNS dip powder helps nails grow

If you dream of having longer natural nails then SNS dip powder manicures can help. The process of applying SNS dip powder creates durable nails that protect the nail surface for over 3 weeks, giving them the chance to grow.

SNS dip powder application technique

Dip powder nails are created by applying an adhesive base coat and dipping nails into a jar of powder while nails are still wet. The layers are bonded together with a special Sealer before buffing and applying top coat for dip powder nails.

Applying dip powder nails requires some practice but are well worth it in the end. Creating these layers gives your nails extra strength and reduces the nail breakages.

Low chemical formula

There are less chemicals involved in using the dip powder system compared to acrylic and gel nail applications. The adhesive base coat is similar to medical grade super glue, which is safe to use on skin and nails.

One ingredient we do embed in SNS dip powders is benzoyl peroxide. As an ingredient, benzoyl peroxide eliminates germs and the risk of infection and cross contamination. There’s no safer way to dip than with the original dip powder system.

SNS Dipping Powder Colours

As the creators of the world’s first dip powder system, you can bet we’ve got the largest colour range available. From nudes to match every skin tone to colours that glow-in-the-dark; there is an SNS colour for everyone.

Buy dipping powder for nails from SNS

  • Gelous Color
  • Dipstar
  • Perfect Flo
  • Fabulous Dip

How to Remove SNS Dip Powder Nails at Home

You can definitely remove SNS dip powder nails at home and without ruining your nails. When dip powder nails are created with authentic SNS branded dip powder products, nails should be removed easily. The lack of chemicals used in the dip powder nail system allows it to be removed without force. So how do you remove SNS dip powder nails the right way?

To remove your SNS nails you can combine a few common nail products. SNS nails need to be soaked off in acetone. The time spent soaking will depend on the amount and thickness of the layers created.

There are various ways to soak SNS nails off. Start by filing down the top layers of your dip powder nails. Check out this video with step by step instructions using the baggy method.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What dip liquids do you need to do dip powder nails?

Dip powder nails are created with a dip liquid nail product and nail dipping powder. Which dip liquid you need depends on the type of dip powder application you’re doing.

For the foundation layers, use SNS Gel Base. The thicker formula creates a durable surface that is good as a base and also to create shape.

For coloured applications, use SNS Gelous Base.

  1. What nail tools do you need to do dip powder nails?

You can create professional looking SNS nails with a few nail tools and accessories. You can use an acrylic file for shaping nails or an electric file. We also recommend using a dust brush to remove excess powder during and after nail applications.

  1. Are SNS dip powders vegan and cruelty free?

Yes, in fact all SNS products are vegan and cruelty free. This means that no ingredients are derived from animals nor are they tested on animals. Never have and never will be.

  1. Are there any starter kits for SNS Dip Powder Nails?

Yes, we sell a number of SNS dip powder kits. Depending on the type of dip nails you want to create, you can opt for:

Dip Powder Starter Kits will come with a set of instructions to help you nail the application.

  1. Can you do SNS dip powder nails at home?

Practice is essential in nailing the application technique although SNS nails can definitely be done by hobbyists and professional nail technicians. Switch to a dip powder nail and enjoy your manicure for over 3 weeks. It’s the perfect option of those who require and prefer long lasting nails.

  1. How long do SNS dip powder nails last?

SNS dip powder nails typically last for 3 weeks but are known to last even longer. Usually at the 3 week mark, nails will have grown out and it will be a good time for a refresh.