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Basics (2-in-1) Dip & Acrylic Powders

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Basics (2-in-1) Dip & Acrylic Powders

Dip Or Acrylic? You can do both!

The SNS Basics 2-in-1 Dip & Acrylic Powder is a simple system that allows you to use the powders for either dip or acrylic applications. They’re so versatile and easy to use!


Available in 198 colours, perfectly matched with your favourite SNS Basics products. That is – your Basics 1+1 Gel Polish & Nail Lacquer Duos, and Fabulous Dipping Powder.


For acrylic applications, use an acrylic monomer. For dip applications, follow your usual SNS dipping powder techniques.

Acrylic and dip powder nails are a good option for those seeking a super strong, smooth, and long lasting nail enhancement without curing under a UV or LED lamp. Nails can last over 3 weeks with proper care and maintenance.


To remove Basics 2-in-1 Dip & Acrylic Powder from nails, begin by buffing or filing off the top layers of the powder. Then, soak nails in acetone for 10-15 minutes.

Repeat soaking until most of the powder is removed. Lightly buff off remaining powder on nails.

Finish with SNS Vitamin Oil unless applying a new set straight away.