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If you appreciate innovative excellence from SNS, then you’ll love Dipstar dipping powder!

Dipstar is a collection of dipping powders by SNS that offers an additional 150 colour choices. It’s a quick & easy solution for salons to begin or expand their SNS range.

You can buy Dipstar dipping powders individually or as a whole collection of 150 colours to satisfy a broad spectrum of colour requests!

Voted the “Best Dip Powder System” by over 60,000 professional readers of NAILPRO Magazine. Discover the difference with SNS Dip Powders.

Benefits & Features

You’ll experience the same benefits and features of the SNS brand – beauty without compromising health.

SNS dip powders are enriched with vitamins and calcium to nourish nails and support healthy nail growth. Formulations are low in chemicals, making them essentially odourless and easy to remove.

The added benzoyl peroxide in SNS dipping powders means that any chances of cross-contamination and infection are eliminated.


SNS Dipstar dipping powders are easy to apply. They can be used with other dip liquids but we recommend using them with SNS Bases & Sealers for optimal results.


Simply buff off the top coat and soak in warm acetone for 5-10 minutes. Wipe the softened powder off nails. Then, repeat soaking step if dip powder remains. SNS dip powders will slide off nails with ease.

How long it takes to remove dip powder nails depends on the thickness and amount of layers you have on.