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Pink, White & Clear Dip Powders

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Pink, White & Clear Dip Powders

Pink, White & Clear Dip Powders

The Pink & White System from SNS is the first of its kind. Fast forward 30 years and SNS is still the leader in dip powder.

Voted the “Best Dip Powder System” by over 60,000 professional readers of NAILPRO Magazine. Discover the difference with SNS Dip Powders.

What are Pink, White & Clear dip powders used for?

The dip powders from the SNS Pink, White & Clear range are versatile, allowing you to create multiple nail designs and looks. 

SNS French Nails

One of the most popular nail trends is french nails also known as pink and white nails. This look involves a neutral or pink base colour combined with a white tip. The tip is referred to as french tips! The classic french tips are created with white but the trend has evolved and you can now incorporate colour for the tips.

How do you create SNS french nails? The Pink and White SNS nails system is built for that! Firstly, start by choosing a base colour. Use SNS Natural Set to mimic the colour of your natural nails or choose one of the pinks to enhance the natural colour of your nails by adding a subtle touch of colour. Then, choose a white and create your desired smile line. You can use the SNS french dip mould to help create flawless tips. 

The beauty of having SNS french nails is how long you get to enjoy them! Whereas some manicures, such as gel polish french nails, may chip or peel where the tips are – SNS french tips will last significantly longer because they are stronger. SNS french nails can be enjoyed for over 2 weeks and can even be infilled!

Clear SNS Nails

If you haven’t browsed nail inspiration in a while then you might not be up to speed – clear nails are trending! What are clear nails anyway? Clear nails, or transparent nails, are your nails but better. They’re see through and can be completely clear or have a subtle sheen or tinge of colour added. The results are beautiful and classy.

How do you create clear and transparent nails with SNS dip powder? Because the Pink, White, and Clear powders are used to create natural SNS nail designs, the pigmentation of the powder itself is lighter than the colour range. This allows you to create a transparent effect. Apply a few layers of Natural Pink or Natural Set/Natural Set Sheer for beautifully clear pink nails.


For natural SNS nails, use any of the Pink dip powders. Shades range from Natural Pink to X-Dark Pink and are to suit all skin tones. SNS Pink dipping powders are sheer with the ability to build up to medium coverage. Also available with glitter for that little extra sparkle!

For french nail designs, combine a White SNS dip powder with a Pink SNS dip powder. Choose from either French White, American White, or White Glitter to create breath-taking smile lines. Then, choose a Pink SNS dipping powder to complete your french manicure.

Begin every manicure with SNS Pink, White, & Clear. The Natural/Clear dipping powders can be layered underneath other dip powder or gel polish to extend wear time. Or you can wear them on their own to subtly enhance or protect your natural nails!


Applying dip powder doesn’t need to be difficult and with SNS Pink & White dip powders, it’s not! The fact that SNS dip powders are so soft and refined makes its application smoother than any other dip powder. Use it in conjunction with SNS Bases & Sealers dip liquids for long-lasting wear that leaves your nails stronger than before.

For french tip SNS nails, use the SNS French Dip Moulding Jar to create perfect smile lines effortlessly.


SNS dip powder products are unlike others. They contain less chemicals, which make them easy to remove. Simply buff off the top coat and soak in warm acetone for 5-10 minutes. SNS dip powders will slide off nails with ease.