The SNS Gelous Dipping Powders offers a totally new experience to manicures. These sleek powders are filled with minerals that makes your nails healthier and stronger with every application. No UV light is required or presence of strong odours… We know that you care about the health and appearance of your nails, so therefore, SNS dipping powders lasts for a good 14 days (or even more)! Yet, they feel light and natural. This system works best with the SNS Gelous Base, Gel Top and Sealer.

SNS Nails, otherwise known as Signature Nail Systems is at the pinnacle of fusing the health and beauty system in the nail industry. Highly regarded for their innovation of world’s first ever dipping system for natural and acrylic nails, SNS Dipping Powders have become such a huge success within the industry that it is now adopted by almost every modern nail salon in the world.

SNS was founded by a humble salon owner with over 30 years of experience in the nail & beauty industry, which aimed at improving the quality of life for his customers and others with a solution that expresses maximum beauty with no harm to their nails and their health. SNS Nails is one of the first brands in the industry to do so and it continues till this day, constantly paving the way and creating trends and colours that will surely satisfy each individual and occasion. Nail professionals prefer SNS to other nail alternatives because SNS powders are finer, has a much wider colour selection, and greater health benefits are provided from longer usage.

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