SNS Bases & Sealers are your secret weapon for the ultimate dip powder manicure. SNS Bases & Sealers are easy to apply and allow you to create the perfect foundation for dip powder and gel applications without the use of UV lights.

Recommended Use —

Use them with SNS dip powders to give damaged nails the support and healing they need. With non-toxic formulas and the addition of vitamins and calcium, SNS dip powder liquids promote healthy nail growth and repair.

Is it safe on sensitive skin? —

Yes! Opt for SNS SenShine. It’s our new range of SNS Bases & Sealers formulated to be even gentler clients with sensitive skin and eyes. 

Can I Use SNS Dip Liquids With Other Dip Powders? —

To experience the full benefits of the SNS dip powder system, it is important to use SNS dip powders with SNS dip liquids ONLY. We cannot guarantee the quality of your SNS dip powder manicure if other dip liquids are used.

Get your go-to dip liquids from the SNS Classics or SNS SenShine range.