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SNS Nail Kits

The best self-care rituals are those that make you feel good – inside and out. And that’s exactly what a DIY manicure does. Doing your own nails elevates your mood and teaches you to be patient. The focus isn’t on the end result, but in the process. An SNS Nail Kit is the perfect way to incorporate a bit of beauty and mindfulness into your self-care routine.

Which SNS Nail Kit is for me?

Everyone is unique and we embrace that at SNS with choices. There is an SNS Nail Kit for you whether you’re loyal to dip powder or gel polish. The best thing about buying an SNS Nail Kit is that it comes with everything you need to get started on your Healthy Natural Nails journey. Read and learn how to do DIY dip powder nails and try it out for yourself!

Dip Powder Nail Kits

DIY dip powder nails in the comfort of your own home? That’s totally a thing now. SNS Nails Australia offers a variety of SNS powder nails kit options for every level of dipper. You don’t have to be a professional in order to dip your own nails but others will believe you had them done at a salon because they look seriously good.

SNS Dipping Powder Starter Kit 1: This kit allows you to create natural and french tip style nail designs. Natural Pink and Natural Set can be worn on their own to create natural nail looks that mimics and enhances the colour of your natural nails. Additionally, you can create french tip nails with French White using the dip mould trays to help you create beautiful, crispy smile lines. Combine this with that Natural powders and you’ve got yourself an effortless Pink & White manicure!

SNS Dipping Powder Starter Kit 2: This kit allows you to create any colour nail design you desire. With Starter Kit 2 you are equipped with all the essential dip liquids and your choice of colour. Select one from a library of over 800 colours – the biggest range of SNS dip powders you’ll find.

Student Kits: If you’re looking for a full SNS Nail Kit, our Student Kits are the perfect fit. Suitable for dip powder fanatics and nail tech students beginning their dip journey. Every Student Kit comes with all 7 essential SNS dip liquids plus the official SNS French Dip Mould tray. Choose from Complete Kits 3, 4, or 5 to include the Pink & White dip powders of your choice.

SNS Gel Nail Starter Kit

Gel nails are easily the best thing since nail polish. Easy application makes gel nails a popular choice for your DIY home manicure and they last for up to 2 weeks. SNS Gel Polishes can also be easily soaked off, making the process all the more enjoyable. Have you tried a DIY gel manicure? SNS Nails Australia has you covered with our nail kit full of everything you need to get started.

Why buy an SNS Gel Nails Kit? At SNS we believe in nail and beauty products that don’t harm you in the long run. Where other gel polishes contain harsh chemicals, we don’t. SNS gel polishes are formulated with less chemicals, and are vegan and animal cruelty-free. That’s how our gel polishes are so easy to remove – so you won’t damage your nail beds!

  1. SNS Gel Nail Starter Kit: All you’ll ever need for an at-home gel nail manicure. Choose a colour from 150 SNS nail colours to be included in your kit and you’re ready to go. Simply apply base coat, your choice of colour, and top coat and allow each layer to cure under the dual UV/LED nail lamp. Salon-quality nails have never been so easy to achieve in your own home. 

Buy SNS Nail Kits from SNS Australia for authentic SNS nail products; the original brand of dip powder nails and Healthy Natural Nails.