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Nail Art Glitter & Encapsulated Nails

The new Nail Art Glitters by SNS will make your encapsulated nail fantasies come true. Featuring 12 dreamy 3D glitter mixes of reflective bright, rich, and sparkling tones. Each glitter is designed with a mix of shapes and sizes, creating a multi-dimensional finish every time.

The combinations of glitter nail designs you can create are endless and all with one versatile product. It’s a must-have for every nail art kit or collection. Create stunning glitter nails by mixing these SNS Nail Art Glitters in your acrylic or dip powder nail applications.

The Glitter Nails Trend

Glitter nail art designs have been around for a while and it appears that the trend is here to stay. But who’s complaining? There’s something about glitter nails that makes them so hard to get past. It’s the shimmer, the shine, the sparkle. One thing you can be sure of is that there’ll never be a dull moment with glitter nails.

Encapsulated Nails

Encapsulation is a nail art technique where something is encased inside two layers of nail products. Encapsulated nails are a relatively new trend in the nail world but are quickly catching on because of how amazing the results look.

One of the most popular things to encapsulate is glitter and SNS Nail Art Glitters are made for the job! The chunky glitters are a mixture of different shapes and sizes to create a multi-dimensional look that is just out of this world. The way the light reflects off the glitter also gives them a holographic and iridescent feel. Truly a sight to behold.

If you’re a fan of shimmer, shine, and all things that sparkle then you’ll want to try glitter in your next encapsulated nail art design.

How To Encapsulate Glitter with Acrylic Powder and Monomer

When applying acrylic, use your brush to pick up the Nail Art Glitter pieces and place them onto the nail while it is still wet.

Then, apply clear acrylic powder on top to encapsulate the glitter.

Finish your application with your usual file, shape, and buffing of the nails.

How To Encapsulate Glitter With Dip Powder

We recommend using it with SNS Crystal Sheer for best results.

First, apply two foundation layers to half the nail using SNS Gel Base and SNS Natural Set Dipping Powder. Next, apply a coat of SNS Gelous Base to the nail.

Then, use tweezers to pick up and place the Nail Art Glitter pieces onto the nail while Gelous Base is still wet. Sprinkle Crystal Sheer on top.

Lastly, apply two more layers of Gelous Base and Crystal Sheer to fully encapsulate the Nail Art Glitter. File, shape, and buff as you normally would before finishing with SNS Gel Top.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you apply SNS Nail Art Glitter to nails?
    SNS Nail Art Glitter is made to be encapsulated. You can encapsulate the glitter using your choice of nail products including acrylic powder, dip powder, or hard gel.
  1. Can I use the SNS Nail Art Glitter with gel polish/nail lacquer?
    No, SNS Nail Art Glitter is intended to be encapsulated and will not sit flat on top of gel polish or nail lacquer.
  2. How do you remove SNS Nail Art Glitter?
    SNS Nail Art Glitters are easy to remove. To remove the glitter, follow the same steps to remove SNS nails and acrylic nails.

Do I need a special glue to apply SNS Nail Art Glitter?
SNS Nail Art Glitter can be applied with the same nail glue used to apply extension tips.
For dip powder encapsulation, Gelous Base acts as the adhesive. For acrylic encapsulation, the glitter adheres to the wet acrylic.
To use SNS Nail Art Glitter with nail glue, apply your base layers with either the dip powder or acrylic method and allow to dry. Then, apply nail glue directly onto the glitter piece and place on nails. Alternatively, you can apply the nail glue to the area on the nails you intend to place the glitter.
Then, follow the usual steps to complete encapsulation with dip powder or acrylic powder.