SNS EA Bond 0.5oz 15ml



This adhesive helps promote a tight seal and nourish/dehydrate the nail bed – to ensure nails are prepped and free from excess oils.

Recommended use: apply to the nail bed before applying Gel Base, Gelous Base or any SNS Powders.

⠀Specially formulated for the SNS Dipping Powder System

⠀No UV light required

⠀Only to be used on SNS liquids that are not pre-bonded

⠀Available in 0.5oz or 2oz refill size

Caution: To avoid stains and injury, DO NOT force the bottle to open. If the bottle cap is stuck, immerse the bottle (including the cap) in hot water for 5 minutes. Remove the bottle from the water and cover with a clean towel. Gently twist the cap to open.

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