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The SNS Gelous Color Dipping Powders are now available in their new introductory, bigger sized 1.5 oz jars – better value for bulk and multiple uses.

SNS is the preferred dip powder system of professional and home users worldwide. Gelous Colors create beautiful nail enhancements that last for 3 weeks or more. Use them in conjunction with SNS Bases & Sealers (Classic or  SenShine) for maximum benefits.

The SNS dip powder system is formulated without harsh chemicals and are skin-safe and -friendly. Sensitive skin users can opt to use the SenShine range of dip liquids. Also, the added benzoyl peroxide in our dipping powders eliminates the risk of infection and cross-contamination!

Application Instructions

Gelous Color Dipping Powders are Pre-bonded. There’s no need to use E.A. Bond to prime the nails.

Firstly, clean nails ensuring oils are left on natural nails. Also make sure  cuticles are pushed back and hands and nails are completely dry.

Next, apply a thin layer of SNS Gelous Base Coat to nails. While wet, dip nails into the jar of Gelous Color Dipping Powder. Repeat these steps to build colour intensity and thickness.

When desired colour and thickness are achieved, apply SNS Sealer Dry. Allow to dry completely.

Finish nails with 2 thin coats of SNS Gel Top Coat. Allow to air-dry completely.

Lastly, massage SNS Vitamin Oil into and around the cuticle area to rehydrate nails.

Removal Instructions

SNS dipping powders are easy to remove. Lightly buff the top coat off and soak nails in acetone for 5-10 minutes. Wipe off softened dip powder and repeat soaking if necessary until all powder is removed.

For any remaining dip powder, use a nail buffer block to remove it.

Lastly, finish with SNS Vitamin Oil to rehydrate nails. (Skip this step if applying a new set of SNS dip powder nails).




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