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SNS Bases & Sealers are your secret weapon for the ultimate dip powder manicure. SNS Bases & Sealers are easy to apply and allow you to create the perfect foundation for dip powder and gel applications without the use of UV lights!

Recommended Use: 

Use them with SNS dip powders to give damaged nails the support and healing they need. With low chemical formulas and the addition of vitamins and calcium, SNS dip powder liquids promote healthy nail growth and repair.

Can I use SNS dip Liquids with other dip powders? 

SNS dip liquids can be used with other dip powders. However, to experience the full benefits of the SNS dip powder system, it is important to use SNS dip powders with SNS dip liquids ONLY. We cannot guarantee the quality of your SNS dip powder manicure if other dip liquids are used.

Is it safe on sensitive skin? 

Yes! Opt for SNS SenShine. It’s our new range of SNS Bases & Sealers formulated to be even gentler clients with sensitive skin and eyes. 

Does SNS sell cuticle oil?

Yes! We call it SNS Vitamin Oil. Use it liberally after doing your nails, and whenever you feel like your nails need a boost of hydration. Massage into cuticle area for best results.

You can refill your glass bottle when you’re done!

Which dip liquids do I need to do SNS nails?

The answer is – it depends on what kind of SNS application you are doing. It is great to have them all on hand so you aren’t limited to what you can do.

  1. E.A. Bond is necessary to clean nails and promote a tight bond. Skip this if you are using a Pre-Bonded product.
  2. Gel Base Coat is used for Natural/Pink & White (aka french) nails. You also used this to build foundation layers.
  3. Gelous Base Coat is used for coloured dipping powder applications.
  4. Sealer Dry is required to dry and bond the dip powder and base coat layers together.
  5. Gel Top/Matt Top is what you finish your dip powder nails with. Although the name says “Gel”, no UV/LED lamp is required.
  6. Brush Saver should always be used to clean your brushes after or during applications. A clean brush makes all the difference!
  7. Brush On Glue is mess-free and allows you to put the right amount of glue onto your nail tip extensions.
  8. Gel Thinner: can be added to your dip liquids if and before they get thick. This happens over time with air exposure.
  9. Vitamin Oil is your nail’s best friend. Keep your nails and cuticles hydrated and they’ll reward you by looking nice, neat, and healthy.