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The Pink & White System from SNS is the first of its kind. 

The dip powders from the SNS Pink, White & Clear range are versatile, allowing you to create multiple nail designs and looks. 

For natural SNS nails, use any of the Pink dip powders. Shades range from Natural Pink to X-Dark Pink and are to suit all skin tones. SNS Pink dipping powders are sheer with the ability to build up to medium coverage. Also available with glitter for that little extra sparkle!

For french nail designs, combine a White SNS dip powder with a Pink SNS dip powder. Choose from either French WhiteAmerican White, or White Glitter to create breath-taking smile lines. Then, choose a Pink SNS dipping powder to complete your french manicure.

Begin every manicure with SNS Pink, White, & Clear. The Natural/Clear dipping powders can be layered underneath other dip powder or gel polish to extend wear time. Or you can wear them on their own to subtly enhance or protect your natural nails!