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SNS French White (1oz) 28g


Can I do French manicure with SNS?

French SNS nails are the best version of a french manicure! SNS french manicures can be created in many different ways. The best way to do french manicures with SNS dip powders is by choosing your products from the Pink, White & Clear dip powder range. This range was specifically designed for french tip nails! 

Can I get French tips with SNS?

SNS French White dip powder will give you the crispiest white smile lines for your french tips. Use it with the SNS French Dip Mould to create the perfect C-curve or D-curve tips for your manicure.

French tips with SNS dip powder will last longer than french tips created with regular nail polish or even gel polish. SNS dip powder provides your nails with extra strength and protection so you can enjoy your French SNS nails for longer!


How to do SNS French nails?

Compared to painting french tips on with a brush, which requires a steady hand for precision - doing SNS french nails is easy! You can do French SNS nails and achieve professional looking results with some practice and patience! 


Tools to create SNS French Nails: To do french nail designs with SNS dip powder, you will need a few special products. Firstly, a base coat is required for your dip powder to adhere to. Then you will need to select a dip powder colour as your base. From our range you can choose from the Pinks and the Natural powders. Then you will need to pick a White to create the french tips. From our range you can choose from French White or American White. 

  • SNS Gel Top: Always use SNS Gel Top (green lid) with the Pink, White & Clear dip powder system from SNS. This is your base coat and will allow the dip powder to adhere to your nails.
  • Base dip powder: Choose a dip powder for your base. We recommend Natural Set for super natural nails or selecting one of the Pinks if you would like to subtly enhance your natural nail colour.
  • French tips dip powder: For the purest white, go for the SNS French White dip powder. For a slightly off-white colour, choose American White dip powder. If you’d like a little bit of SPARKLE, choose French White Glitter dip powder.
  • French Dip Mould: To help you create the cleanest lines with little fixing up needed - opt for the French Dip Mould. Simply slide your finger into the mould to shape your desired tip. One side allows you to create C-curve lines and the other D-curve lines.

SNS Gel Top: Seal in and protect your beautiful manicure with our top coat. Your new nails will last over 2 weeks without chipping and peeling and look fresh and shiny for that duration.


Voted NailPro Readers Choice 4 years in a row by over 60,000+ nail professionals worldwide!

*Note: Colours may vary based on application and your device’s digital colour reproduction. If you’re unhappy with the colour you’ve received, not a problem. Simply return the item unopened and in original condition for an exchange or 100% refund. Returns and exchanges will not be accepted if the item has been opened or used.

For further support contact: sales@snsnails.com.au