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The fastest and easiest way to create dip powder ombre nail designs with soft and seamless blending.

SNS Air Ombre™ is the new way to apply dip powder and elevate your nail design with one simple product. The soft and refined SNS dip powder allows you to create seamless colour blends – no more blotchy transitions! With the easy-to-use spray bottle technology, you have even more control over the placement of your dip powder colours. Creating dip powder ombre nails has never been so easy!

With a 180 colour range, you can choose the perfect ombre effect that matches your style, mood or occasion. Be as subtle or as bold as you want!

Features & Benefits

MORE CONTROL: The pump and spray bottle gives you more control over the placement of your dip powder.
SOFT COLOUR TRANSITIONS: The dip powder in SNS Air Ombre™  has been refined to give you the ability to create the soft blends that make dip powder ombre nails so beautiful.
180 COLOURS: From soft and sheer to bright and vibrant to shimmery and glittery — there’s an SNS Air Ombre™ colour to create ombre nail designs however you like.
INSTANT NAIL ART: A few presses of a nozzle allows you to create nail art instantly
LESS MESS: Put the brush away. SNS Air Ombre™ will do the work for you with less mess as well as less stress.
EASY REMOVAL: SNS nail products don’t contain harsh, hard to remove chemicals. Simply buff the top coat off and soak nails in acetone for 5-10 minutes.
SAVE MONEY ON PRODUCTS: You don’t need to invest in a whole new nail art system. Use SNS Air Ombre™ with your SNS Gelous Base, SNS Sealer Dry and SNS top coats.

SNS Air Ombre™ is designed for dipping powder services with SNS Gelous Colors, but you can also use it with SNS Nail Lacquers and SNS GelStar.

To begin creating your dip powder ombre nail masterpiece, prep nails and then follow these 5 simple steps:

1: Apply SNS Gelous Base to the nail.

2: Spray Air Ombre™ colours directly onto the nail

3: Dip the nail into your chosen SNS base colour dip powder

4: Apply SNS Sealer Dry to the nail

5: Finish by applying an SNS Top Coat

SNS dip powder products are unlike others. They’re not acrylic powder and contain less chemicals, which make them easy to remove. Simply buff off the top coat and soak in a bowl of warm acetone for 5-10 minutes. SNS dip powders will slide off nails with ease.

SNS Air Ombre