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How Does SNS Help Your Nails Grow Longer and Stronger?

If you want to get longer nails, you might be wondering what makes your nails grow. How can you grow them longer and stronger?

Growing your nails might sound so out of reach for some of you, let alone growing them out stronger! That's actually one of the reasons a lot of manicure-lovers turn to SNS dip powder nails.

Read on to find out how SNS can help your nails grow.

What Makes Your Nails Grow?

Your nails grow, on average, around 3.47 mm every month. They even grow faster during the day and the summer months.

If you're wondering how to grow your nails, the easiest way is to take care of them. So, if you have a nail-biting habit, try to get out of that as soon as you can.

Ways to Grow Your Nails

A good diet will also help, especially if it's packed with nutrients like calcium. Getting out into the sun to get your dose of vitamin D will also help.

Your nails are made from keratin, which is a form of protein. Make sure your diet contains plenty of protein.

One thing you can do on a daily basis to make your nails strong is to use cuticle oil. This helps to hydrate the nail bed, which helps the nail grow. Our Vitamin Oil is enriched with botanical oils; including emollient-rich safflower, sesame, wheat germ and grape seed oils and silk proteins Vitamins A, D3, B5 and E, and calciums are also enthused to help natural nails grow stronger.

How Can SNS Nails Help?

The Signature Nail System has a different approach to nails. SNS cares about nail beauty and nail health in equal measure, and this is reflected in our dipping powders

The SNS dip powder nails are a two-part system involving dip liquids and dip powders. Compared to other treatments, SNS products are created with far less chemicals. They don't require the use of monomers, or any UV light to cure.

Dip powder nails lessen the chemical load on your nails. And if you get your nails done regularly, this is a huge factor in why your nails aren't growing.

The Benefits of the SNS Nails Base

The base products used for SNS nails contains nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E, B5, and Calcium. This includes all the dip liquids, like your Gel Base or Gelous Base. These nutrients help boost the condition of the nail plate. They also mean your own nails are less likely to crack or break.

Your body needs vitamin A to keep your skin, bones, teeth, and soft tissue healthy. It also uses vitamin D to maintain your bones, and it helps your body absorb calcium.

Calcium is also useful for good heart, nerve, and muscle function. Vitamin E has anti-aging benefits, while vitamin B helps to maintain good health.

Wearing SNS nails can help your own nails recover from other treatments. The nutrients in the base will help your nails grow. Boost this with the Gelous Color (Nutri-Plus) dipping powders for layer upon layer of nutrients for your nails!

Boost Your Nails with SNS

If you've been wondering what makes your nails grow, then SNS nails are a great choice. SNS dip powder products offer your nails nutrients to promote growth and repair. The method of creating layers of dip powder gives your nails durable protection, protecting them from breaking.

Keen to help your nails grow with SNS nails? Click here to find an SNS certified nail salon in your area or learn how to apply dip powder yourself!

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