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5 Reasons to Choose SNS Dipping Powder for Your Next Mani

Besides there being thousands of colours to choose from and insanely good looking results — why else should you consider choosing SNS for your next mani? If you’re considering dip powder nails for your next set, read on.

We’ve outlined a short list of reasons why we think that’s a good idea.

SNS nails protect and repair your natural nails

Firstly, they add strength and protect your natural nails. It’s the perfect solution if you have thin or damaged nails.

The dip powder process involves creating layers with dipping powder and an adhesive (medical grade cyanoacrylate). These layers are bonded with an activator before the top coat goes on.

No UV light is required for SNS dip powders

Secondly, if you’re concerned about or prefer not to be exposed to UV light, then we have good news for you. The dipping powder application doesn’t require the use of UV lights.

Bonus: everything dries fast.

There's no harsh chemical smell from SNS products

You can tell how much chemicals some products have by the strength and smell they emit. The SNS dip powder range is extra low on chemicals. That’s why it’s essentially odourless!

Low fumes means less irritation and a better, clean environment to be in.

You can't get an infection using SNS dipping powder

Yes, it’s true.

Dipping Powders by SNS contain an ingredient called benzoyl peroxide, which make it the safest dip powder manicure you can get. Benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria, which means there are zero chances of getting an infection from the powder itself. 

Be sure you’re getting the SNS brand of dipping powder at your salon to minimise any risks. We’ve got benzoyl peroxide listed on the back of the jar!

SNS nails soak off faster than gels and acrylics

Nail damage usually occurs when you’re trying to remove your manicure. Some products out there are so *long-lasting* and that’s usually a good thing. Until you have to fight to get them off.

You won’t have that experience when you use the SNS dip powder system.

If all SNS products were used to create your dip powder nails, they should be easy to remove. Our formulas don’t contain harsh chemicals that make other nail products hard to remove. Instead, it allows acetone to easily penetrate and weaken the layers for effortless removal. 

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