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SNS Nails: How to Choose From Over 1000 SNS Colours

You want your nails to be treated with products that actually improve the conditions of your nails – that’s why you choose SNS. That’s an easy choice to make. And SNS has you covered whether you want dip powder, gel, or regular polish for your nails.

Then comes the hard part – deciding “What colour?” Now that’s a decision you have to make and stick with for the next 2-4 weeks. So we know how important that is.

This ultimate guide will help you navigate through all the SNS colours. Yes, all 1000+ colours…

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How Many SNS Colours Are There?

There are over 1000 unique SNS colours across all of our products. And we add new, curated collection colours throughout the year!

SNS is the original creator of dip powder nails. So – naturally – we have the most colours available.

In the SNS dip powder system alone, there are over 1000 colours. Some of these colours are so popular; we then made it in a gel polish and nail lacquer. And we recently made some available in a 2-in-1 acrylic and dip powder product.

SNS Colour Systems

Navigating all the SNS nail colours will be easy once you know what’s what.

The Pink & White System is the Original Dip Powder System. Designed for ‘French’ nail applications; it consists of clear, natural, pink, and white dip powders.

These powders can also be used for building foundation layers to add strength to any manicure.

SNS Dipping Powder Colours

Dipping powders are our specialty. We created them.

SNS dipping powders are easy to apply and easy to remove (very important to avoid nail damage). They are designed to improve the conditions of nails with every application.

SNS dipping powders also contain benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient kills bacteria, eliminating any risks of infection. 

Another bonus, dip powder nails don’t require any UV light to cure. Clients who are allergic to chemicals typically found in other products gels are able to get dip nails done without any reactions. And with our SenShine range of dip liquids, it’s even more gentle on sensitive skin and eyes.

There are 6 different dipping powder colour ranges to choose from.

Pink & White System

The Pink and White System is designed for natural and ‘French’ nail designs. There are 15 dip powders that come in white, pink, clear, and natural shades

White Dip Powders

Use these to create breath-taking smile lines for your French tip nails.

  • SNS French White
  • SNS American White
  • SNS French Glitter F3

Pink Dip Powders

Pick a shade to compliment your french tips. Or wear them it by itself if you’re going for a natural nail look.

  • Natural Pink
  • Dark Pink
  • X-Dark Pink
  • Pink Glitter F1
  • Pink Glitter F2
  • Pink Glitter F4

Natural Dip Powders

These natural powders are used to build layers of strength. By adding strength and protection to your nails, your nails are able to improve over time.

  • Natural Set
  • Natural Fill
  • Natural Balance Out
  • Sunscreen

Clear Powders

  • Natural Set Sheer – Use this after your last colour dip powder layer. It protects your colour layers from buffing away in your last buff and shape.
  • Crystal Shine – Use it for nail art designs and encapsulation. It adds so much dimension to nails.

Gelous Color (Nutri-Plus™)

Gelous Color is the main colour range from SNS. There’s over 800 colours to choose from – many of which are also available in a matching SNS GelStar and SNS Nail Lacquer product.

There are also Gelous Color Collections which are specially curated around a certain theme. Colour collections are constantly being released throughout the year so keep your eye out for them!

SNS Gelous Color dip powders are unique because of their Nutri-Plus formula. They’re enriched with vitamins A, E, B5, D3, and calcium to nurture nails, allowing them to grow longer and stronger.


Gelous Color Dipping Powders (#001-150)

When dipping powders began to become more popular, there was a demand for more colours. SNS then came out with 150 colours on the first release.

Gelous Color Dipping Powders (#151-#400)

SNS Australia carries Gelous Color Dipping Powder up to #400.

Gelous Color Collections

We release new, curated colour collections multiple times a year through Gelous Color Collections. The list is forever growing, so check back often to get your hands on the latest trending nail colours.

Fabulous Dip

SNS Basics colours are available in dip powder with Fabulous Dip. Fabulous Dip colours match 1+1 Gel Polish & Nail Lacquer Duo Sets, as well as 2-in-1 Dip & Acrylic Powder. ‍

Perfect Flo Colours

Perfect Flo allows you to expand your existing SNS dip powder range with 150 new colours! This collection is full of nudes and warm tones – colours that never go out of style.

Dipstar Colours

Another new addition to the SNS dip powder system. Dipstar powders are available in 150 bold colours, perfect for clients who like their nails to make a big statement.

Gel Polish & Nail Lacquer Colours

Your gel polish doesn’t have to contain nasty chemicals in order to shine bright and last long. Luckily for you, SNS has also developed gel polishes that are kind to nails. Bid farewell to dry, brittle nails once and for all!

Gelous Colors Colours

Get your favourite colours in a trio of products. There’s over 500 matching gel polishes and nail lacquer.

GelStar™ Gel Polish

GelStar™ stands apart from every other gel, because of the SNS commitment to healthier nails. This exciting product line contains Vitamin E and Calcium to nourish the natural nail bed. Application of SNS GelStar is fast and east, and no alcohol is needed for the top.

With SNS GelStar you get:

  • Durable, 14-day wear
  • Easy application
  • No alcohol needed for the top
  • Brilliant, mirror finish
  • Easiest soak off
  • Healthier nails

Nail Lacquer

Women everywhere love the SNS brand. But as everyone knows, dipping powders aren’t appropriate for pedicures. That makes for a challenge: how do you create a matching manicure and pedicure? The answer is… SNS Nail Lacquers!

SNS Nail Lacquers provide a complete range of polishes for beautiful pedicures. And because of the unique colour match system, they perfectly match SNS Gelous Color colours. 

Basics Colours

Basics is a system with 3 different ranges. The 150 colours match 1+1 Duos, Fabulous Dip colours and 2-in-1 Dip & Acrylic powders.

1+1 Gel Polish & Nail Lacquer Duo Set

It’s a simple and inexpensive system with TWO matching products: SNS Basics 1+1 Lacquer and SNS Basics 1+1 Gel.

The great thing about SNS Basics 1+1 is that you can provide manicures and pedicures, confident that the colours will match every time. Just select from 150 beautiful SNS Basics 1+1 colours.

Each colour comes packaged as a pair!

Basics 1+1 Duos also match the Fabulous Dip dip powder range.

Air Ombre™ Colours

Imagine using dipping powder by SPRAYING from a bottle! That’s the new technique SNS has created for SNS Air Ombre™.

Use it to create ombre nail designs like baby boomer nails or any mutli-coloured nail design requiring smooth blending. 

It’s super easy and fast — with no special skills needed. Air Ombre™ is designed for dipping powder services with SNS Gelous Colors, but you can also use it with SNS Lacquers and SNS GelStar.

The colour combinations are endless with 180 colours for you to mix however you like.

‍Dolo™ Instant Marble Inks

Dolo™is the easiest way to create marble nail designs. The marble inks disperse when they’re applied over the special Dolo™ base coat. Don’t blink or you might miss the magic!

Check out how easy it is.

Nail Art Glitters

We believe that glitter makes everything better. It possesses a magical quality that makes you unable to stop looking at it! But we’re not complaining about that.

The newest addition to our range of products in 2021, SNS Nail Art Glitters are a must-have for every nail kit.

Featuring 12 eye-catching jars of glitter. Each glitter is designed with a mix of glitter sizes to create a multi-dimensional nail look. It’s actually hard for it to not look so good